Be more productive in the workspace

We help small to medium size businesses (SMBs) transition using the right cloud solutions at the right place and the right time.

Accelerate how you Collaborate, Automate, Innovate & Digitally Transform.

Be more productive in the workspace

Top 4 challenges for today’s businesses

Enable Remote Work

Enable Remote Work

M365 business can assist businesses of all sizes that need easier, secure ways to work and serve customers from almost anywhere.

Reduce Costs & Complexity

Reduce Costs & Complexity

As you adjust to an uncertain economy and marketplace, you need ways to work more efficiently without adding expensive, complicated technology.

Support Growth

Support Growth

You need solutions that can extend easily and affordably as your business changes and grows, without requiring significant up-front investment. 

Strengthen Security

Strengthen Security

Small businesses are attractive targets for cybercriminals, and protecting sensitive information becomes even more challenging when people work remotely.

About us


Ovation Cloud Services is an IT cloud service provider. We offer a complete portfolio of Microsoft Office 365, Azure, Power Platform and Security services.

We are dedicated to the success of our customers and partners who need to be agile in today’s rapidly changing world.

Most common questions you NEED to be asking yourself:

Does my current license work for me?

Ovation can assist in selecting the correct license for your business with 6 easy questions.

  1. How many employees are in your company?
  2. Where do you get your work done?
  3. Which type of collaboration tools does your company need?
  4. Do you manage sensitive business and customer information or work in a regulated industry such as healthcare, financial services, or legal services?
  5. For security reasons, do you need the ability to remotely wipe employee devices when a device is lost, stolen, or when an employee leaves the company?
  6. Are you concerned with advanced cyber-threats such as phishing emails targeting your employees with malicious links or attachments?
Is my data secure?

With state-of-the-art encryption, Microsoft protects your data both at rest and in transit.

Our encryption protocols erect barriers against unauthorized access to the data, including two or more independent encryption layers to protect against compromises of any one layer.

Which collaboration tools will improve productivity?

Five types of collaboration tools to improve productivity  

1. Project management tools to keep things on track

Whether you’re planning weddings or building websites, chances are you’ve worked on big projects that require a lot of people to do their part. Luckily, there are project management tools to help effectively manage all the moving parts.

2. Video conferencing builds relationships

Imagine you need to have an important meeting, but half your team is traveling or working remotely. Video conferencing is a way to get all the research-based benefits of meeting face-to-face without the expense and challenge of planning something in person.

3. Chat gets things done faster

Sometimes, just firing off a quick question and getting a prompt response is most efficient. With instant messaging tools built for your office, team members can check-in and problem solve quickly.

4. Real-time document revision reduces delays

Forget email chains filled with attachments and confusing edits that don’t make into the document or presentation. With real-time document collaboration, teams can work together on the same project simultaneously, whether it’s a text document, a spreadsheet, or a PowerPoint presentation.

5. Cloud version control keeps things organized


What License do you need?

We will find the right plan for you.

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